Design Inspiration for Your Living Room

You live your life in your living room. Your life surrounds you.


People, places and the things that matter to you most are within your vi

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Design Inspiration for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation and life giving sleep.


We also use our bedrooms for reaffirmation, love and reenergizing our

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Design Inspiration for Your Bath

Your bathroom should be a private place for life cleansing.


No other room in your home gives you the permission to completely give of you

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Furniture Selection

We assist you with your furniture selections. Furniture can be compared to the trees in a forest.   The trees are in harmony with their surroundings. One would not expect (at least naturally) to see a palm tree growing on the frozen tundra of Alaska! Furniture is the same way.   Your furniture selection should […]

Flooring Selection

Most designers overlook floors. We, however, do not.   We view floors as the grounding of our lives. Consider all of the foundations of our lives, and they all begin with what we are standing on; grass, earth, concrete, wood. All of these have meaning and various feelings when touched, seen or walked on.   […]

Paint Selection

Paint means color. And color means life!   Different colors or auras mean different things. Blue means peacefulness; yellow and green mean nature.   We assist you with your paint colors. We also help you understand not to overpaint. Though we love paint and color, we also know that of all things in your home, […]

Design Inspiration for Your Living Room

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