Design Inspiration for Your Bath

Bathroom Denver Life designYour bathroom should be a private place for life cleansing.


No other room in your home gives you the permission to completely give of yourself and your soul. Your bath is a place of rest, meditation, cleaning, grooming and privacy.


As such, it’s life design should reflect your inner soul. Your life soul should pour out, like the waters from the bath facets. When anyone should see your bathroom, there should be no doubt that this is your exposed soul.


Your bathroom should contain:


– – A place of bathing, either a bath or showerbathroom denver life design


– – A place of hand water, such as a sink, sink bowl or running water zen drip


– – A storage place for complete privacy of your most intimidate things


– – A place for storage of luxurious towels, cloths and soaps


Let us help you make your bath a place of life giving cleanliness that reflects your soul!