Flooring Selection

floor sample denver life designMost designers overlook floors. We, however, do not.


We view floors as the grounding of our lives. Consider all of the foundations of our lives, and they all begin with what we are standing on; grass, earth, concrete, wood. All of these have meaning and various feelings when touched, seen or walked on.


We assist you with finding the right floor surface for each room of your home. We encourage thinking of others and their floor needs (pets, children, guests) in places like your living room or kitchen. But in private areas of your home, like your bedroom or bath, these are your places of life.


wood floors denver Life designWe encourage you to look and feel all types of flooring. We encourage our clients to use all natural floorings, such as woods or stone.


Wood floors come in as much diversity as nature herself. Softwoods, hardwoods and those in the middle. And nature gives us more than just texture.


Wood floors come in a variety of colors. From very dark to very light.


Let us help you select the flooring of your life!